With many years’ experience and a good eye for trends, FOODVISIONS develops and optimizes staff restaurant concepts for your company.

You don’t have an employee restaurant yet? Or maybe you have one but you’re not happy with how your operator is performing and you have the feeling that you’re paying too much for mediocre quality? You want your employees to eat more healthily and need a nutritional concept that is both nutritionally sound and in line with current trends? FOODVISIONS uses its expertise and its good eye for trends to develop and optimize catering concepts for you

The FOODVISIONS service scope includes all concept development services:

  • Development of a customized catering philosophy for your company (definition of target group, choice of products offered, opening times, price structures, production systems, degree of freshness, brand identity)
  • Definition of choice and range of products offered
  • Staff planning
  • Budgeting
  • Planning of special offers and sales promotions
  • Marketing and PR