Recognize catering trends and take action.

Chain restaurants have many faces: fast food, running sushi, fresh casual, fusion food, soup bars, urban vegan, and so on. New gastro-trends often originate in the megacities and then quickly filter down to the downtown areas of smaller cities throughout the world. Those who don’t stay up to date quickly lose their creative touch and no longer cater to the tastes of the urban target group. With a focus on feasibility and real added value for the customer, FOODVISIONS presents current trends to you and your employees within the scope of a workshop. We then work together to develop possible strategies for further developing your own chain restaurants.

Strengthen your innovative potential with FOODVISIONS:

  • Detailed trend and innovation workshop featuring current gastro-trends from the megacities
  • Duration, content, and discussions tailored to your company
  • Development of implementation ideas with your management team
  • Selection of relevant destinations and customer-specific trend outings with the project team