The Customer:
A German corporation with over 20 catering facilities throughout Germany.

The Challenge:
Outstanding service tailored to guests’ needs is crucial in the service industry. This is made possible by providing consistent quality across different locations and even across different service providers. This can only be achieved by means of defined service levels, however.

The Solution: 
A service manual created by FOODVISIONS is based on the client journey principle, which means that every single service is designed from the guest’s perspective. The service manual provides the basis for onsite training courses that teach staff how to implement the new service standards and processes. It serves employees as a reference book and provides certainty during day-to-day operations.

This service is offered for contract catering customers and extends from the restaurant greeter right through to the coffee bar, because your customer is your guest from the very moment at which he or she enters your building. A service manual is an indispensable tool that enables a customer that operates chain restaurants to implement uniform standards worldwide.